Who is administrative worker

Last updated: 2023-01-30

What does an Administrative worker do?

Administrative workers are people who work in company administration and provide support to a company. Administrative people typically work in an office with a computer and a phone and ensure the smooth running of the company. Administrative workers have different responsibilities and perform a wide variety of many tasks. Administrative work is 100% of their job typically includes: e:

These include wide range of tasks of the office job in general: 

  • clerical work (including maintaining records and entering data)
  • office management
  • entering data into company applications and software
  • keeping records up to date
  • keeping documents and documentation
  • communication via telephones, e-mails, video calls, in person or through task or work management applications
  • performing a wide range of administrative work
  • preparation and filling of various reports, forms, reports and the like
  • maintaining various data or information records, tables, records or forms
  • preparation of materials or documents for negotiations and various meetings
  • processing minutes of meetings and meetings
  • entering, processing or approving requests
  • entering requirements
  • organizing meetings and negotiations
  • communication via email, telephone or other applications and collaboration software
  • filling in mandatory forms
  • document Archiving

Examples of administrative workers

Because administration is such a broad category, there are many different administrative jobs and job titles. The following are examples of administrative jobs:

  • Office manager who takes care of the administration of the office
  • Administrative Assistant,
  • HR manager, HR specialist
  • Contract Manager
  • Facility manager
  • Accountant - deals with accounting administration
  • Payroll accountant - deals with the administration of employee salaries
  • Compliance manager
  • any manager in the company

Key enablers of effective administrative work

An office worker involves successfully being able to work effectively with computer, keep and share important job agenda-relevant information. Other are organizing the work and work tasks and coordinating work and work tasks with others.

The administrative job is certainly based on the ability to work effectively with a computer and telephone because a large part of the job is the work with information and data. It means the works with computers, software and applications. Another important prerequisite is the ability to organize work, work tasks and collaboration and coordination with others:

  • Work with computer
  • Working with company software, applications such as accounting system, ERP, payroll system or for example Aptien
  • Effective communication with other people across the company
  • Work planning - meetings, negotiations and tasks