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Last updated: 2021-07-03
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Operational asset management and maintenance - how to do it in Aptien

Welcome to Aptien. We will guide you through the basics of operational management and maintenance of your property and equipment. So that you know what is and is not possible in the system. What you can do and how you can do it. Where it will help you, what it will make easier and where its limits are. Aptien serves as a central asset registry to help with the day-to-day operational processes you deal with around asset recording, acquisition and management, especially:

  • keep track of key dates for revisions, inspections or maintenance related to asset management 
  • create maintenance schedules
  • maintain operational records for all types of assets, 
  • maintaining information on the location of the asset, where it is located
  • records of assets issued - to whom and when assets were issued or entrusted 
  • maintain contact information for maintenance, servicing, repairs
  • automatic monitoring of warranty periods 
  • tagging of assets using QR codes

In Aptien you also have the possibility to create and manage tasks and activities resulting from asset management, assign them to specific employees, monitor their performance. Or perhaps keep an operational log for a specific piece of equipment.

However, Aptien is not accounting software, so you can use our system to deal with operational processes, but not to perform accounting operations and keep accounting records.