First steps of asset manager

Last updated: 2024-02-14

Operational asset management and maintenance - how to do it in Aptien

Welcome to Aptien. We will guide you through the basics of operational management and maintenance of your property and equipment. So that you know what is and is not possible in the system. What you can do and how you can do it. Where it will help you, what it will make easier and where its limits are. Aptien serves as a central asset registry to help with the day-to-day operational processes you deal with around asset recording, acquisition and management, especially:

  • keep track of key dates for revisions, inspections or maintenance related to asset management 
  • create maintenance schedules
  • maintain operational records for all types of assets, 
  • maintaining information on the location of the asset, where it is located
  • records of assets issued - to whom and when assets were issued or entrusted 
  • maintain contact information for maintenance, servicing, repairs
  • automatic monitoring of warranty periods 
  • tagging of assets using QR codes

In Aptien you also have the possibility to create and manage tasks and activities resulting from asset management, assign them to specific employees, monitor their performance. Or perhaps keep an operational log for a specific piece of equipment.

However, Aptien is not accounting software, so you can use our system to deal with operational processes, but not to perform accounting operations and keep accounting records. 

How will you work as an asset manager at Aptien?

Whether you are an asset manager, facility manager or manager responsible for assets, facilities or equipment in your organisation, Aptien will help you with practical operational record keeping and asset management. It will help in maintaining all practical operational information around your assets. In one place, you have information about when a particular asset was acquired, who is responsible for it in the company, or perhaps what servicing, maintenance or repairs have been carried out on that asset. Each asset has its own asset card, on which you can see everything you need.

In addition to assets, your workspace also consists of other records, such as companies and contacts, where information is shared across the company.  

It's designed to keep everything essential about the asset in one place - documentation, operating log, maintenance & repair tasks, and handover reports.

In your workspace, you can see individual asset records separated by type and operational needs. If you don't choose from the menu, you can add from other templates or customize the range of asset types completely to suit your needs. Your records are therefore as follows:

  • Vehicles - here you keep track of the cars and other vehicles in your company.
  • Office equipment - here you have office equipment, such as desks, chairs, cabinets
  • Computers - you will use this record for all end station type computers from tablets to desktops
  • Telephones - all phones or mobile devices are here
  • Other assets

And others that you can add as templates

If you also manage buildings, you will use the set of records associated with facility management:

  • Buildings 
  • Keys
  • Doors
  • Entry cards
  • Rooms 

Shared records:

  • Contracts
  • Contacts
  • Companies - directory of companies, i.e. organizations and contacts directly involved with your business. It is a shared record across the firm from which everyone draws information about firms. You keep your suppliers and contractors here.

Basic asset management processes

Keep records of assets

The system can be used to record any asset - from property to work equipment. From computers to office furniture. An inventory can be carried out regularly for each recorded asset to ensure that the records correspond to reality. See how you can register your assets.

Keeping track of asset maintenance or revision deadlines

In each asset organizer, you can keep track of revision, maintenance or other deadlines that arise from asset management. All of this is looked after for you by our watchdogs, see how to set up a watchdog for maintenance deadlines.

Records of assets entrusted or issued  

You can assign each piece of recorded property, plant or equipment to someone using handover protocols. This will sort out who the property is entrusted to and where it is issued for permanent or short-term loans of property. See the guidance on how to transfer property.

Manuals or other documentation on the property

You can attach any documents, images or other attachments to each asset. These are typically manuals, photographs, delivery notes, acceptance reports or other similar documents. You can further categorize the attachments or documents into folders. You can set permissions for these - who can or cannot access which folder. 

> How to create folders for documents

Entrust assets to responsible persons 

You can assign each piece of recorded property, device or equipment to someone to be responsible for. With Aptien, you have a clear overview.

Asset inventory and asset tagging

For each piece of property, you simply keep information about where it is located and who has issued it. You can print out QR tags and use your mobile phone to easily find out information about it.

> How to set up QR, Views, and Action buttons

Maintain contacts with service technicians or even manage their work

Managing service, maintenance, inspection or emergency contacts. Does an external company take care of your equipment, do you communicate with them, do you need to assign tasks to them and manage their work? You activate an extranet page for the facility and invite subcontractors to join it. You won't have to send emails that nobody knows about. Your communication with them will be more direct. See how to manage contractors.

Maintaining a service log and asset maintenance records 

If you need to keep an operational log for an asset, this is done by recording activity in the form of meeting minutes where the service technician records maintenance or inspection activities. The maintenance entry is automatically recorded and attached. 

Maintaining asset purchase and maintenance contracts

Do you need to keep a record of the contracts you have purchased assets under or conversely the contracts around their maintenance? Simply attach a maintenance contract or a purchase contract.

Personal or shared asset notes

When you need to attach a personal note to a specific piece of property, you create such a note in the notes tab. Only you can see it. For other people, even if they can see the property, your note is invisible.

Managing external asset maintenance 

Does an external company take care of your equipment, do you communicate with them, do you need to assign tasks to them and manage their work? You activate an extranet page for the facility and invite subcontractors to join it. You won't have to send emails that nobody else knows about. Your communication with them will be more direct. 

Asset management and maintenance tasks

I'm sure your day-to-day operations present you with situations where you need to create a task - typically to take your car to the dealership for a service, to have your tires changed, or to perform an inspection on some of your equipment. You no longer have to deal with such tasks by emailing your colleagues, but the task will automatically be attached directly to the specific car and you won't have to search for it and search for emails when what happened where.

Defects and repairs

In the event of a malfunction on a piece of equipment, the system provides functions to quickly locate purchase documents and warranty information. A history of faults and service interventions is kept for each device.

What types of assets can you keep?

  • Computers, servers or other computer equipment
  • Software licences
  • Office equipment
  • Credit cards
  • Access cards/keys
  • Vehicles
  • Devices
  • Tools
  • Technology
  • Properties
  • And more

What is Aptien?

It is an application for collaboration and communication of people within the company, keeping various operational company records, company administration, task and work management. It's not just a system for keeping track of assets, it's a kind of electronic filing system. Aptien is also a company intranet where people can communicate with each other, a company bulletin board and a work desk for people in the office. 

Unlike traditional applications, Aptien is very flexible and easy to adapt to your habits.