How to manage inspection and maintenance dates

Last updated: 2022-04-10
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Keeping track of maintenance and inspection dates

In each asset register, you can keep track of various deadlines, such as revision, maintenance or other deadlines that arise from asset management obligations. All of this is taken care of for you by our watchdogs, which you can set up exactly according to your needs using the watchdog settings.

Where planned maintenance activities are displayed 

The watchdogs set for maintenance activities are shown in green. You can always see all of your set watchdogs, including those where you have been set up by another person as a notification recipient, in the Watchdogs tab or in Maintenance Schedules.

Dates in the maintenance plan 

You can see the overall maintenance schedule in the watchdog overview by clicking on "Watchdogs" in the left menu. You can see the name of the watchdog, what it watches and where it watches, how many days it occurs in or which of your colleagues has access to the watchdog and can change its settings and also receive notifications. Also on this page, you can change the settings of your watchdogs. You will also find disabled watchdogs that you can, for example, delete or reactivate. 

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