How to manage inspection and maintenance dates

Last updated: 2021-10-06
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Keeping track of maintenance and inspection dates

In each asset register, you can keep track of various deadlines, such as revision, maintenance or other deadlines that arise from asset management obligations. All of this is taken care of for you by our watchdogs, which you can set up exactly according to your needs using the watchdog settings.

You have several options in the system for setting up watchdogs for revisions or maintenance deadlines, depending on the situation and your method of work.  

  • Alerting on a specific day is the easiest option, the watchdog will alert you in advance on a specific day when you need to perform an inspection, revision or maintenance
  • Repeated alerts - the watchdog alerts you repeatedly
  • Anniversary alert - the watchdog alerts you repeatedly, after the selected period.

How to set up monitoring of maintenance deadlines

You can set up maintenance date watchdogs for individual devices as follows:

  1. Select the device for which you want to set alerts
  2. Go to the "Details" tab
  3. Select "Management and Maintenance"
  4. Select the date field "Revision"
  5. In the row, click on the watchdog icon and then "+ Set new watchdog"
  6. Select one of the options below
  7. Fill in the name of the watchdog to whom the notification should be sent and the text to be sent
  8. Save the watchdog

One-time notification of a maintenance date on a specific day 

Select this option if you have scheduled a revision or maintenance activity for a specific day. Once completed, you set the next specific day. 

How to set it up: In the watchdog settings, select the option "On a specific day" and choose the day for notification.

Repeated reminders of inspection dates

Select these options if you perform regular frequent maintenance or inspection of equipment and either you or a colleague needs to receive regular notifications. You set how often you need to be notified. You can choose between a frequency of once every one to seven days or several times every one to seven weeks.

How to set it up: In the watchdog settings, select "Recurrently" and then select how often and when you want to be notified.

Warning on the basis of the deadline

This option is suitable for situations where you need regular reminders from a specified revision date within specified revision periods (for example, one or two years). The system monitors the deadline you enter from the date you specify. In this option, you enter the date of the first revision in the "Revision" field and the monitored deadlines will be based on this date. The deadlines can be set between 1 month and 15 years.

How to set it up: In the watchdog settings, select the "Anniversary" option, enter (typically a year or 2 years) in the "Repeat the alert once" field, and enter how many days in advance you want to send a notification in the "Days in advance" field. 

Example: you have set the review date to 10/10/2020. If you set the frequency to once a year and 30 days in advance, then you will receive a notification on 9/10/2021. 

When the notification for revision or inspection will come

You will always receive a watchdog alert in your Aptien inbox, as well as in your email inbox, at midnight before the start of the day you set.

Example: you need to review the date 11/27/2020. The watchdog will send you a notification at midnight on 11/26/2020.

Where planned maintenance activities are displayed 

The watchdogs set for maintenance activities are shown in green. You can always see all of your set watchdogs, including those where you have been set up by another person as a notification recipient, in the Watchdogs tab or in Maintenance Schedules.

Dates in the maintenance plan 

You can see the overall maintenance schedule in the watchdog overview by clicking on "Watchdogs" in the left menu. You can see the name of the watchdog, what it watches and where it watches, how many days it occurs in or which of your colleagues has access to the watchdog and can change its settings and also receive notifications. Also on this page, you can change the settings of your watchdogs. You will also find disabled watchdogs that you can, for example, delete or reactivate.