What is integrated compliance management

Last updated: 2023-07-19

An integrated compliance management system is a set of processes, management principles, and solutions that enables the organization to document and ensure all levels of compliance with regulations in one environment. That means:

  • Compliance with the company's internal regulations with legislation, laws and standards
  • Compliance of employees, the qualifications requirements and employment with regulations and applicable law
  • Compliance of a workplace, devices and other work equipment with regulations

What does an integrated compliance management system mean in practice?

Such a system will support compliance management across the organization. It covers the management of internal policies, other documentation and the monitoring of duties around employees and the workplace.

Specifically, it means

  • Management of the internal regulatory base, and company policies (see Policy portal)
  • Familiarizing employees with policies, procedures or manuals
  • Monitoring employee duties (e.g. regular medical check-ups, mandatory employee training)
  • Keeping device or facility documentation
  • Monitoring compliance of devices and the workplace with regulations and standards (OHS, safety, health, calibration)
  • Support of compliance audits
  • Risk management
  • Enable track and evaluate the workplace and work-related incidents 
  • Manage measures and support the continuous improvement system
integrated compliance management system