Understanding of procedures & policies - users

Last updated: 2023-09-14

The policy portal is available in Aptien to all users who have it enabled.

  • Employees can find regulations, policies, work instructions, standards, or any other document that your company maintains and needs employees to confirm their understanding.
  • Every employee has all the documents here that their job title requires them to know. 

Where to find the policy portal

The policies portal is available to users as a separate menu tab. All company directives and documents are available here, divided into three tabs.

  • All - documents accessible to all employees
  • Documents to confirm - contains all the documents you are required to read
  • Done - contains all the documents you have already familiarized yourself with

What policies do employees see on the portal

Every employee sees all company documents and policies accessible to all employees, in addition to the regulations that result from their job title, and for which the company needs to prove that they understand them. If there is a new regulation in the system that requires your confirmation, you will receive an email notification. Once you have logged into Aptien, you will find all the documents to confirm your understanding in the Policy Portal

policies and procedures

How the employee confirms understanding of the policy

The list of documents with which the employee must confirm understanding is based on his or her job title and duties and is set by the policy administrator. 

How to confirm familiarity with a document (directive, work procedure, instruction, standard)

  1. In the Documents to confirm tab, you can see the name of the directive. When you click on it, you will be able to read it online
  2. Open and read the document
  3. Click the "Confirm Familiarity" button to confirm your familiarity with the directive
confirm reading the policy

If you do not see the Policy Portal tab, the administrator in your company has not enabled it.