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Last updated: 2021-07-08
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Familiarity with directives, standards, or work procedures is easily accessible to all users in the system. They just need to have this option enabled in their role. Familiarization works for all types of regulations and documents that you maintain in your company. All users work under their user accounts, under which the system uniquely records the familiarisation. 

Where you can find the tab with the familiarisation directives

The Directives tab is available to both office and intranet users and in the left menu. When clicked, you will see as a user, the documents are divided into two tabs. "Documents for familiarization" and "Done". In the former, you will see all the documents you are required to familiarize yourself with. In the second, you will see all the documents you have already familiarized yourself with. 

How to familiarise yourself with documents

The list of documents to familiarise yourself with is based on your job title and your job duties and is set by the policy manager. 

How to confirm your familiarisation with a document (directive, standard)

  1. In the documents to be familiarised tab, you can see the name of the directive. Clicking on it will open the option to read it online
  2. Open the document and read
  3. Click the "Confirm understanding" button to confirm your familiarity with the directive

If there is a new directive in the system that requires your familiarization, you will receive this notification in your email. The next time you open the application, you will go straight to familiarising yourself with the directives.