What a policy administrator does in the company

Last updated: 2024-02-08

Policy administrator is in charge of the organization's internal regulations such as policies, work procedures, etc. They are responsible for the creation, updating, management, and distribution to employees. 

Typical job description of a policy administrator

The job of a policy manager varies depending on the size and type of organization: But it typically includes the following activities

  • Keeps company policies, internal procedures and other documents up to date
  • Coordinates the development of policies and other regulations  in the organization
  • Conducts reviews and coordinates documents across departments
  • Introduces new policies into the life of the company
  • Ensures publication and distribution of all documents in the company
  • Ensuring familiarization of people in the company with policies, SOPs and work procedures
  • Ensures that all documents are read and understood
  • Tracks and manages regulatory compliance with standards, norms and other regulatory requirements
  • Conducts analysis, monitoring, measurement, reviews and continuous improvement of the organization's policies
  • Oversees and participates in the development of reports, documents, briefings and surveys around company policies
  • Develops and maintains relationships with key policymaking stakeholders
  • Analyzing, monitoring, measuring, reviewing, and continuously improving company policies and regulations
policy administrator job description

How Aptien makes the job of a policy administrator easier

The Policy organizer is a central library of all policies, procedures and documents

  • You use policy organizer as a central repository for all policies in your organization
  • It monitors your validity and helps you organize your guidelines
  • Here you keep an overview of the policies, monitor their validity and perform maintenance
  • You create and approve policies outside of Aptien
  • You set up distribution lists for employees
  • In the portal settings, you decide which documents will be offered to employees on the policies portal
  • Reporting around policies is available to you.

The Policy Portal portal is for your employees

  • Policy portal  is a place where all employees see the policies
  • Sees all public policies, SOPs and other documents
  • They see the list of documents to familiarize themselves with
  • You control who has been acknowledged with the access control policy
  • They see the list of already confirmed documents

You can easily expand your organizer for manuals and other documents

How to set policy manager permissions