How to use the Procedures and Policies Organizer

Last updated: 2024-02-12

This article is intended for the manager or administrator of the company's policies

Keeping track of your company's policies

The policies organizer is for people in the company who are responsible for managing internal company policies and procedures such as policies, work procedures, work instructions, standards, and similar documents.

It is intended for keeping a complete regulatory base for your company, i.e. for keeping an overview of valid company procedures. The basic areas of company procedures are set up in the organizer, which can be easily changed according to your habits and needs. 

  • HR, personnel, and people management procedures
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Expenses and travel procedures
  • Financial procedures(accounting, etc.)
  • Procedures relating to IT, computers, and the use of applications or software

In case you need to keep various manuals and instructions related to instruments or other assets in your company, we recommend that you keep them separately in the Manuals Organizer.

Policy organizer is a source for the Policy Portal

If you use Aptien actively, this organizer is a source for the Policy Portal and for familiarizing employees with policies and documentsThe documents maintained here are offered to employees on the portal in the policy overview and you can use them in distribution lists.

Policy Registry a source for the Policy Portal

How to proceed with the management of internal procedures

  1. First, clarify the basic areas of your policies and structure them using categories
  2. Add specific internal rules and categorize them
  3. Add attachments of the procedures and then set the publication date and validity (effectiveness) date.

How to attach policies

Attach specific procedures and policies in attachments (pdf, word or other types of document). This is because records in the internal procedures organizer are fixed related to time (e.g. Travel policy) but the individual version (e.g. the Travel policy for 2023) is only valid for a certain period of time, which you set in the form of a status at the attachment level.

A newly added document is always in the status "Ready". You set the publication date and the validation date for each document separately.  

In the policy organizer, attachments are kept as controlled documentation, which means that individual documents are subject to a controlled life cycle and can therefore take on the status (Ready > Published (/Valid) > Archived). If you use the Policy portal in your organization, only documents that are in the Published status are offered to employees.

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