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What are managed documents

Managed documents are under a fixed life cycle

Managed documentation means that documents (attachments) are subject to a document life cycle from creation, validity to archiving. In other words, documents that cannot be arbitrarily deleted and created, but documents have clearly defined versions that must go through defined document states. Examples of managed documentation are company directives, standards, work procedures, or production documentation. It is necessary to know clearly the time period it is the actual version valid or when the previous version was valid.

Managed documentation allows a company to control various documents, typically those that influence or control behavior or actions. (norms, standards, guidelines, work procedures, production documentation, etc.).

Managed documents are turned off by default

The attachments in Organizers are in a free mode by default while managed documents function is turned off. This function is only turned on for some selected products, but you can activate it for any Organizer. It is important to know how it affects attachments before turning the function on.

What does Managed documents function mean

Documents have a life cycle that has three phases. You cannot delete documents, but you can move them from phase to phase. There are three phases within the system:

  • Draft - these documents are being prepared by the author and others
  • Valid - these documents are valid, and others have to follow them. You can set the date of validity and the effective date. The date of validity means the document is ready and available to everyone. The effective date means that employees have to follow it and be acknowledged with it. Use the effective date only if the date of validity is different
  • Rejected - these documents are not valid, and they are archived

If you activate managed documents, you lose the option to add links. Managed documents always have the phase written on them, which tells you this function is turned on.

managed documents

How to turn on managed documents

 The administrator can turn on this function for each Organizer separately. It does not work for tasks, notes, or any other parts of the system. It only affects attachments within the Organizer. If you want to turn this function on, follow the instructions.

  1. Go to the Organizer settings
  2. Open "Manage plugins"
  3. Select "Manage files" from the list
  4. Turn it on and save
turn on managed documents

How to turn managed documents off

If you decide to turn managed documents off, it is possible. Only the valid documents will be visible after this, though. The documents in the draft and rejected phases will not be visible. They are in the system, but they are not available outside managed documents function. Go to the plugin settings again and press the trash bin icon next to "Manage files", and delete the plugin. 

turn off managed documents