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Policy Management Solution

Aptien Policy Management software is a tool for managing, distributing, and tracking policies and procedures in the company. Cloud-based software centralizes your policies, procedures, and other operations documents and connects your staff seamlessly during onboarding, engagement, and beyond. 

Balance safety with transparency
Policy & Procedure Management, Made Easy.

Managing policies and procedures can be tough, especially as your organization grows and your teams expand. Streamline your operation by removing multiple systems and connect onboarding to training like never before.

Notifications, read receipts, reports, and more

Scrap your paper trail and endless excel sheets. Aptien unleashes an overview of your whole company in one powerful, intuitive platform.

Comfortable centralization and notifications

Sort, arrange and compile all your records from anywhere. Fully cloud-based and ultra-secure, Aptien opens the door to an unrivaled viewpoint.

Centralized library of company policies

Aptien allows you to customize it entirely to fit your exact needs. Whether policies, procedures, ethics, or work standards, the power is in your hands.

Used by teams across every industry

Keep your policies, procedures, regulations & staff coordinated.

Wherever you are.
  • Policies, procedures, or regulations
  • Policy library
  • Policy metadata management
  • Policy version control 
  • Pair policies with processes 
  • Notifications to the employees
  • Acknowledge policies
  • Employee policy understanding
  • Pair policies with organizational units
  • Search all the policies 
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operations documentation

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Looking for the ultimate policies & procedures management tool where you can easily manage your employees and polices for them? You found it!

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policy and document management sorted out

Looking For More?

Manage more than just your policies. Our online platform simplifies your business admin & management. Including these key areas:

Simple and easy-to-use policy management solution

Are you drowning in spreadsheets or papers? Would you like to manage your policies, procedures, and other company documents? Reduce time spent on policy administration with our intuitive solution.

Request staff to acknowledge policies, manage updates and maintain perfect version control quickly, simply, and intuitively in our cloud-based platform. 

Policies and procedures are critical management and governance documents for every organization. They set guardrails of acceptable and unacceptable behavior for employees and processes. 

Traditional "spreadsheets and word document systems" make your policies hard to manage for your team. Spport them with simple yet powerful policy management solutions and make their work-life easier. 

Aptien’s Policy Manager is a simple and easy-to-use solution that manages the lifecycle of corporate policies across all departments of your company. Our tool helps companies ensure employees comply with corporate policies, standards, rules, guidelines, or operating procedures. The solution provides capabilities such as:

  • Customizable templates for different types of policies
  • Defined basic set of policies
  • Customizable list of types of policies
  • The managed lifecycle of policies and other documents (In review, Approved, Retired)
  • Acknowledge processes for employees
  • Central Library, a repository for all corporate policies and procedures
  • Intranet for employees with easily accessible policies, procedures, and other documents
  • Internally shared space for policies
  • Policy breach forms and procedures 
  • Incident management for issues such as security, privacy, inappropriate behavior, or breach of trust

Various types of policies

Regardless of the type of the policy, our solution is flexible enough to manage various types of regulations, such as

  • Company policies
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Work instructions
  • Standards or Norms
  • Legislative regulations
  • Legislative requirements
  • Operational documentation

The central library of policies 

You can organize all your policies in a central library. Accessible to all employees.

Employee understanding process

Once policies are developed, released, valid, and sent to employees, those employees certify their receipt and understanding of the document. Use the policy distribution list to define the appropriate target audience. 

Foster onboarding process 

Policy management is a key part of the onboarding process. You get one tool to manage all important employees (work positions) and assign relevant documents and policies. 

Alerts to managers about unfulfilled requirements

Our policy manager includes alerting features so that managers can be aware of who isn’t reading the policy promptly on time.

Who is the policy management solution for?

Policy management is intended as a company-wide solution regardless of company size or company segment.

It is suitable for all employees as a part of the onboarding and continuous compliance process and its management part for compliance officers, managers, and executives. Legal staff can also utilize it to ensure corporate policies, standards, or other similar documents are aligned with regulatory compliance. The policy management tool is a highly flexible, configurable, affordable, and transformative solution for small and medium-sized businesses and corporates.

Where can you apply policy & procedure management solution

The policy management solutions should help your company mitigate the risks, including regulatory requirements. Such as:

  • GDPR
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • ISO 27000

Streamline employee compliance 

Get one easy-to-use solution enabling policy acknowledgment across your entire company. The solution is part of onboarding and continuous compliance processes and activities.   

What can you do with the policy management tool? 

This is an all-in-one solution for entire back office management administration agendas that does more than just keeping policies, library, and policy management. It also helps you improve communication, align staff. The solution enables sharing, protection, and lots of other operational and office information.  

  • Employee intranet and collaboration
  • Contract management 
  • Access rights and permission
  • Training courses and training compliance
let's recap

Key Features of Policy Management

  • Policy library
  • Policy metadata management
  • Policy version control 
  • Pair policies, regulations, and other documents with processes 
  • Send notifications to the employees
  •  Alerts to managers about unfulfilled requirements
  • Acknowledge policies
  • Policies and regulations paired with an employee or work position
  • Policies and regulations paired with the organizational unit
  • Search all the policies and regulation
  • Policies, Procedures, Standard or Regulations
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Operational Documents

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