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Last updated: 2023-05-20
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What are internal company policies, procedures or standards and what are they for?

Internal company policies, procedures, standards and regulations are documents that describe and specify the rules and work procedures in the company. Company policies are guidelines that help employees how to do their jobs. 

Company Policies help manage business processes and direct people's behavior. They describe and specify the organizational structure, processes, rights and obligations of employees and employers. Company policies are a basic tool for managing the organization and at the same time serve as a tool for stabilizing the system, as they determine specific rights and obligations and formalize and systematize the management system.

  • Internal regulations apply law, and external regulatory requirements, legal issues and obligations to the specific conditions of the organization
  • Internal regulations extend, describe and specify the rules and work procedures in the organization
company internal regulations and policies

Areas of the company's policies

Usually, the organization has developed internal policies for these areas.

  • Organizational rules for basic process management, people's behavior, working hours
  • Financial and accounting policies
  • Information security and physical security
  • Occupational Safety and Health protection at work (OSH) 
  • HR management 
  • IT policies
  • Property and facility management
  • and more

Basic principles of internal regulations

  • The internal regulation must be issued in writing on paper or in digital form
  • The internal regulation must not conflict with the legislation and regulations valid in the country
  • The internal regulation may not be issued retroactively
  • The internal regulation is binding for the employer and all its employees
  • The employer is obliged to familiarize the employee with the content or cancellation of the internal regulation
  • The internal regulations must be accessible to all employees of the company
  • The employer is obliged to keep the internal regulation even after the end of its effectiveness

How to make internal regulations and policies available to employees

The organization can make policies and procedures available to its employees in paper form, which is inefficient and not practical. Or it can use digital form and make the regulations and guidelines available to employees on the company intranet, the guidelines portal, or in the employee self-service. Aptien offers all these options.

  • policies and procedures for all employees are visible on the policy portal
  • those policies intended for a specific job position are available to individual employees individually
how to make available policies to employees