How to acknowledge employees with manuals and instructions

Last updated: 2023-09-14
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Employees who work with different machines, tools, and equipment need to be properly trained. The company must keep a record of the familiarization or training with manuals and instructions so that they can prove that the training took place in case of any ambiguity, inspection, or dispute.  This is important from an occupational health and safety perspective.

Aptien offers a digital form of training with manuals, instructions, and other documents. Let's take a look at how simple the whole setup is. 

Employer's obligation to train employees with instruction manuals

The obligation to train employees is based on the requirements of the regulations for Health and Safety in your country (OSHA in the US, HSE in UK, European Regs etc.) and the requirements of equipment manufacturers. The employer must document that the worker uses the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, in the event of a dispute, accident, or incident, the employer can be liable. In addition, operational documentation should be maintained at all times the equipment is in operation.

How to train and familiarize employees with manuals and guides

Employees are automatically offered only the valid documents you maintain here for familiarization and training.  

Create an organizer of Manuals and instrument documentation

In order to train and familiarize employees with manuals and other equipment documentation, you first need to keep your operational documentation in order. That's what the manuals and instrumentation organizer is for. This is where you keep a record of all the instruments, machines, tools, and other equipment for which you need to keep documentation. 

Create distribution lists to familiarize yourself with the manuals

Once you have a record of manuals filed, you create distribution sheets for each one, specifying who is to be familiar with that particular manual or other equipment documentation. This allows you to conduct digital familiarization of workers with manuals.

  1. As a documentation administrator, open the management of the distribution sheets
  2. Select a document
  3. Assign the employees who are to be familiarized with the documents