What does internal auditor do

Last updated: 2024-04-23
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Who is internal auditor

Internal auditor provides independent and objective evaluations that an organisation's processes and other business activities are operating effectively.

  • Trained professional employed by companies to provide independent and objective evaluation
  • Ensuring that companies comply with laws and regulations, follow proper procedures, and function as efficiently as possible
  • Is involved, engaged and part of company compliance, corporate governance, risk management or quality management
  • Usually reports directly to the top management and gives improvement recommendations

Job description of internal auditor

Internal auditors can be engaged in a range of activities which are detailed below. 

  • Planning, organizing and performing internal audits and internal controls
  • Evaluating company procedures and policies and compliance with them
  • Company compliance: Identify potential noncompliance
  • Risk Management: look for areas of financial and legal risk
  • Fraud management: seek out internal fraud and theft 
  • Quality management: evaluating management system, processes and compliance
  • Assessing company compliance 
  • Assessing the management of risk
  • Evaluating controls and advising managers at all levels
  • Through internal audit reports giving the improvement recommendations
  • Working with other assurance providers such as quality manager, OSH manager, or compliance manager
what does internal auditor do

How Aptien supports the work of the internal auditor

In Aptien, the internal auditor has a number of tools available to support his work. He cooperates with the quality manager, compliance manager, risk manager and other managers.

Planning, organization and execution of internal audits

  • Planning and conducting an audit or compliance review
  • Creation of the final report from the compliance check
  • Guidelines, work procedures and standards and other documentation

Policies and work procedures management

  • Policy Portal
  • Acquainting employees with guidelines, confirming compliance

Reporting of disagreements by employees

  • An employee can send you different types of disagreements and reports

Employee Policy Portal for better employee compliance

  • The employee has access to the Policy Portal
  • They digitally confirm familiarization with work procedures
  • They digitally confirm familiarization with the manuals