How to use Incidents Organizer

Last updated: 2022-02-28
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Overview of all incidents in the organization

Organizer is designed to record (enter) any incident in your company and create an overview of all incidents across the organization as a central incident repository. You can keep different types of incidents such as security, health, or other incidents in the organizer. Types of incidents are fully customizable. The incident organizer is part of compliance management processes and is used when your company needs to document how it handles incidents. We recommend the use of follow-up action records. 

You get an overview of all incidents and how they were managed

  • Reporting an incident - when it happened, who to report to
  • Recording the circumstances of the incident
  • Documentation of the incident (photographs, logs, and other incident attachments)
  • Follow-up to the incident
  • Fully customizable types of incidents
Incidents organizer