First steps of Risk manager

Last updated: 2021-07-03

Risk management in the company - how to do it in Aptien

Welcome to Aptien. We will guide you through the basics of risk management in Aptien. So that you know what is possible in the system and what is not. What you can do and how you can do it. Where it will help you, what it will make easier and where its limits are. Aptien will help you with the basics of risk management, enabling you to:

  • create a catalogue of risks across the organisation
  • assess and describe individual risks
  • create a risk map of the organisation
  • create corrective and preventive actions and measures
  • manage tasks and work on actions 

In the system you can see all the risk context at a glance and online. The system also allows you to create and manage tasks and activities that result from actions and measures or are otherwise related to risk management. For example, keep minutes of activities or meetings that relate to a specific risk.