How to use company process map catalog

Last updated: 2024-03-27

The process catalog is a resource for describing processes in your company

The "Process Catalog" organizer is used to describe the processes in your organisation. Here you can complete and describe all your processes and activities in a clear process map, a list of your processes and activities. This creates a process catalog that you can use further, for example in job descriptions or for the creation of process guidelines and work procedures. This will complement your description of guidelines.

Use the process catalog to create job descriptions

  • You can use the individual processes from the catalog to describe job descriptions that you compose from individual processes or activities in the catalog.
Job description from process catalog

Use of the process catalog in the creation of company policies

  • You can also use the catalog to improve your company policies.
  • By linking processes to policies, you hold information about which specific processes are described by which specific policy or workflow 
Policies and processes

A tool for continuous process improvement

  • Another use of your company's process catalog is for companies that are engaged in improving their company processes and using one quality management method or system.
  • In this case, you will then use the additional information for each process, assign an owner to each process, and manage and improve your processes in line with the principles of  PDCA.
  • Using the attached tasks and minutes, you maintain information and manage the improvement process
continuous improvement process