What does a contract administrator do?

Last updated: 2024-02-14

The contract administrator is responsible for the contracts and agreements across the organization. His/her responsibility is to keep a central contracts repository, contracts scanning, extracting key contract information, and make sure that contracts are available and accessible to the right persons. He also monitors the validity of the contracts and the impact of the obligations arising from the contracts on the organization. 

Job description of a contract administrator

  • keep central contract repository of signed, valid, and effective contracts for the whole organization
  • coordinating sub-repositories of contracts across the organization and different types of contracts
  • scanning and storing signed contracts, extracting key information from contracts (in particular due dates, contract parties, duties)
  • monitoring, analyzing, and overseeing the organization's contractual obligations, ensuring that the company meets its commitments and obligations
  • distribution of contracts within the organization 
  • preparing the contracts for signature and distributing them to the contracting parties
  • maintaining up-to-date information on valid and effective contracts 
  • managing access to the persons in the organization to the contracts and agreements (coordinating who has access to which contract)
  • linking all contract contexts across the organization
  • keeping records of other contractual documents, such as powers of attorney 

How Aptien Contract Management helps the contract administrator in his work

As a contract management software, Aptien makes it easy for you to work in one place and in one environment.

what contract administrator does

Centralizes the management of contracts

  • Overview of all contracts in the organization
  • Amendments to contracts

Automating contract reminders

  • Automation of contract deadlines
  • Tracking contract validity 
  • Reminders for contract revisions
  • Workflow

All tasks and activities around contracts in one place

  • All tasks,Minutes of the contract negotiations
  • Internal records
  • Tasks and workflow management around contracts

Full context of any contract

  • Link to the subject of the contract (for example, property)
  • Contracting parties

Keeps any type of contract

  • Procurement contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Purchase Contract
  • etc