How to use the Contracts Organizer

Last updated: 2021-08-17
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All contracts in one place

The contract organizer keeps all your contracts in one place, it is your central register of contracts. The register is for anyone in the company who is responsible for managing contracts, except for employment contracts, which are kept separately.  It allows you to keep an eye on important dates of their terms and other contract contexts.  It allows any type of contract to be maintained and defined. By default, you have the following types of contracts set up. The types can be easily extended or changed. 

  • Contracts with customers 
  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Service contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Maintaining information, minutes, tasks and all related information for each contract

You get control of the deadlines that the solution looks after for you. You can link contracts to specific people in your business to better manage their performance. There is no limit to the number of contracts.

An overview of all contracts in one place

  • search in contracts
  • monitoring of deadlines in contracts
  • create tasks for contracts
  • attachments to contracts
  • meeting minutes from contract negotiations