Printed asset return form

Last updated: 2023-01-18
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The printed asset return form is one of the ready-to-print forms and is used to document the return of property, equipment, machinery, apparatus or any other asset that requires formal confirmation of handover and receipt.

  • The asset return form automatically completes selected information from Aptien records, such as: the name, description of the transferor or returnee, the object of the transfer, its condition, etc.
  • The return form then serves as a signed proof of receipt of the item back, i.e. that someone has returned the item. Confirmation is done by signing the printed return form.
Printed asset return form

How to create or edit the asset return form

In Aptien, you can create a printed return protocol for each organizer, basically for anything you need. You can adapt it yourself to the policies of your company using the designer of print reports. Here you can create,  design and customize your own forms.

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