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Last updated: 2023-04-27
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If you want to customize any print form in Aptien, you can use the form designer, which is a natural part of the system. Thanks to the editor, you can change the appearance and displayed information of any print form according to your own ideas and requirements.

With the editor, you can edit, copy, create a template or reproduce each form and arrange and name each form according to your own requirements.

How to display elements and configure them

Drag and drop the elements from the menu bar into the document space. Select the element by clicking on it in the document space. Change settings of the selected element in the configuration panel. You can adjust settings for multiple elements at once by selecting them using your mouse or holding the SHIFT key and clicking on elements.


  • Text - a text element can consist of static text, values (details), or a combination of both; we recommend you use a separate field for text and values because all the fields with values are emptied during a template export
  • Horizontal line - a simple design element that can be adjusted in regards to its width, height, and color
  • Image - upload any image in jpg or png. When printing, images are scaled proportionally to keep the aspect ratio and maintain printing quality. Thus, an image can be resized max. to its actual height and width (no stretching)
  • Table - click on the table to select it, click on a table cell twice to select the cell
  • Frame - a container for other elements and stretches according to its contents. It can be used to group elements and keep them together (a frame doesn't split on page break) and to apply a border or background to the whole frame
  • Section - a section can contain multiple elements to be grouped
  • Page break - a manual page break

Document properties

  • Page format - select the page format or define your own
  • Orientation - select a portrait or landscape orientation
  • Content height - here, you can change the content height in pixels; we recommend you leave this field empty (to not change the default value) and change it only in case you need to create a multipage form with the help of the page break element
  • Page margins - enter the page margins for the printable area, the elements cannot be moved past this area
  • Header - set the height of the header in pixels, its display settings, or turn off the header completely
  • Footer - set the height of the footer in pixels, its display settings, or turn off the footer completely