Project management

First steps of project manager

Here you will learn the basics of being a project manager - how to manage projects, collaborate on projects and share... more

What does a project manager do?

Project Manager is responsible for the complete planning and implementation of the project. more

How to collaborate in a project

In this article you will learn the basics of project work, teamwork, information sharing and project task management ... more

Project Manager role

Project Manager is one of the basic roles in the Aptien system. more

How to share a note with a supplier

This handy guide will walk you through sharing the note and the information in it with your supplier. more

How to create attachment folders for suppliers

This tutorial will explain why creating attachment folders for suppliers pays off. more

How can a supplier upload an attachment into a folder

In this tutorial, you will learn how your suppliers can sort files or attachments into folders. more

How to invite your supplier to a project

By inviting supplier representatives to each project separately, you control what they can and can't see. more

How a supplier can include an existing attachment in a folder

The supplier can also sort an already uploaded attachment into a folder to keep Aptien tidy. more