Project and program portfolio management

Last updated: 2023-12-01

Aptien gives you not only an overall view of the status of projects, but also the individual tasks you need to know about.

So with one click you can see:

  • What percentage of the project is completed (this is created as a task package)
  • Who is responsible for it
  • Project description
  • Start and end date
  • A list of tasks that are assigned to the project, with the ability to click through them and view details
  • The full conversation between the responsible person and the followers about the progress of the task
Each individual task has the same specifics as the entire project.

Of course, you can intervene in the execution of projects at any time with comments.

Keep up-to-date on the status of tasks

Aptien allows you to keep track of all the tasks in your business, all the way through their execution - from creation to completion. To do this, you will have information on the status of the task (new, distributed, completed) at all times, including the percentage to which the task is completed.

You will also be able to:

  • Upload files as attachments directly to individual tasks
  • Add tags to make it easier to find the task
  • Update the completion status by indicating the percentage to which the task is completed
  • Add colleagues who should know about the task as followers
  • And much more

Your task list will only be in one single place, but what's more, it will always be up to date.

With Aptien, you'll never forget what you promised a colleague

Any user can easily create a task for you. You will then automatically see it in your tasks in the "new" section (if you are marked as the responsible person) or in the "following" section (if you are only marked as watching). You will of course receive a notification (a bell in the top bar) that you have received a task . You can find all your notifications in the "Inbox" tab in the side menu. In the case that you have enabled email notifications, you will receive a notification of a newly created task to the email address you entered.

View tasks on the timeline

In your calendar (in the side menu) you will see all the tasks in which you are set as the responsible person.

Let your colleagues know how you're doing 

The moment you start a task or project, move it from the "new" section to the "doing" section, you can even tell how much of the task or project is completed. This avoids emails asking about the status of any of your tasks or projects.

So what will change if I start using Aptien for project management?

Say NO to the valuable information you've lost in your emails about the progress of tasks and projects. Either in your own emails or in emails from colleagues that they sent to each other during projects and tasks. Simply keep all communications related to one project or task in one place.

You'll enjoy a constant, complete overview of the status of the projects and tasks you're involved in.

Streamline your work by digitizing your task list, which can be completed and tracked by other selected colleagues.

You'll make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues by bringing all the undertakings around projects and tasks directly to them - in their Aptien overview.