How to use the Sales Opportunities Organizer

Last updated: 2023-06-16

Sales opportunities overview

Here you keep an overview of all sales opportunities and keep all relevant information during sales negotiations. In particular, sales-relevant tasks and meeting minutes. You cover most of your acquisition process with all the relevant information here, including the sales cycle stages.

Record information for each sales opportunity:

  • Basic opportunity or demand description, RFP, RFQ
  • Meeting minutes
  • Tasks based on meetings
Sales Opportunites organizer

Put documents and other attachments in the Attachments tab

If you have important documents, such as an RFI, Request for Proposal, or your bid or other qualification documents, place them in the Attachments tab. This way, you'll always have an overview of important business case documents in one place.

In the Minutes tab, you keep records of business activities

Keep notes of phone calls, business meetings, emails sent or any other business activity with a potential customer using minutes. These are automatically attached to the business case and will not get lost. 

In the Tasks tab you have all the follow-up tasks clearly

All the tasks you give or receive from your colleagues are clearly displayed in the tasks tab.