How to take minutes of business meetings

Last updated: 2023-12-06

Minutes of business and sales meetings

Keeping minutes of business meetings and appointments is easy. In Aptien CRM, you have the ability to record all your business activities in the form of brief minutes that you can see in the specific business opportunity as well as all meeting participants (if they have permission). Each minute is automatically linked to the business opportunity and associated with its participants, and you can also see it in the calendar. It's easy to keep track of. You don't have to think about where to save it, the system does it for you.   

What types of business activities you can record

  • Personal meeting or negotiation
  • A phone call from a meeting
  • Email sent
  • Online meeting
  • any other sales activity you define

What to write down from a business meeting

  • Activity type - select the type of business activity  
  • From - To - time limitation of the activity (setting the date and time)
  • Who - add the employees who participated in the activity
  • With whom - if the activity was with a person outside your company, enter that contact
  • What company - select the company with which the activity is taking place
  • Minutes - text field for the minutes
  • Conclusion - text field for the conclusion resulting from the activity
  • Tasks - enter the tasks resulting from the business activity

You can see the activity set up not only for the business opportunity for which you have set up the activity, but also for the items listed in the "What for" (for the project), "Who" (for the employee), "With whom" (for the contact), and "What company" (for the company) fields. Also, the entry is visible in the calendar.

sales meeting minutes record