Meeting minutes

Last updated: 2022-07-02
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Meeting minutes are a record of any event

Meeting minutes are a record of a meeting or any other activity, for example, repair or maintenance. It is a specific event in the calendar happening within a particular time frame. You can create meeting minutes directly in the Organizer, and they are automatically connected to the item, and all participants


How to use minutes

You can use activities and minutes to keep clear and easily searchable minutes of meetings, record maintenance checks or repairs on your company assets and more. The most common activities you can use minutes for are:

  • Meeting minutes - you typically create such minutes for projects, companies, business opportunities, etc.
  • Maintenance records - you typically create such records for property records, equipment, instruments or machinery - as the activity may be some sort of maintenance, repair, service intervention or other similar activity. Thus, you use the entries to create an equipment operating log

Public or private meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are public by default. Anyone with access to the Organizer can open it and read it. It is easy to share information thanks to that. All the meeting minutes are public unless you mark them as private.

Private meeting minutes

The creators can mark meeting minutes as private. Its content is available only to the participants. They can also set what the participants can do within it.