How to take meeting minutes

Last updated: 2021-06-20
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You can create minutes for any item

You can create minutes for any item in any Organizer. This sequence of activities is displayed on a separate "Minutes" tab. The administrator has to activate this functionality in the Organizer editing. 

Make minutes of the activity:

  • On - select the entry to which the record relates
  • From - To - time limitation of the activity (date and time settings)
  • Activity type - select the activity type from the list (mail, call, meeting, maintenance, repair)
  • Who - add the employees who participated in the activity
  • With whom - in case of activity with a person outside your company, enter this contact
  • Which company - select the company with which the activity is taking place
  • Minutes - text field for minutes
  • Conclusion - text field for the conclusion resulting from the activity
  • Tasks - enter the tasks resulting from the activity

You can see the activity set up not only for the item for which you have set up the activity but also for the items listed in the "On" (for a project), "Who" (for employee), "With whom" (for contact) and "Which company" (for company) fields. Also, the entry is visible in the calendar.

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