How to create a task

Last updated: 2021-10-25
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You have several options on how to create Tasks in the system. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for you. 

Creating a Task from Tasks Overview

Creating a Task from Tasks Overview is the most common method. You can access the Overview by clicking on ‘Tasks’ in the left menu and clicking on the blue plus sign ‘+ New Task’. The new Task is entirely blank, without any connection to any other information. In the case you have multiple tasks and want better clarity, add them to the item they are connected to, for example, a contract or a project. You can do that by selecting ‘Connect task to item’ in the Task’s top bar.

Name the Task (we recommend naming it so that it will be easily recognizable later). Describe what you need to do, select a responsible person, add people who are ‘Following’, add a due date, and add attachments in any form (a screenshot, a document, etc.)

If you need more information on working with Tasks, you will find it in this article.

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Creating a Task connected to a specific item

This way of creating Tasks is most useful; for example, when you want to automatically add a Task to a contract you are currently working on, a computer, you need to get serviced or to anything else. A Task created this way will automatically be connected to a given contract or computer, and you will always be able to find it there.

How do you do that? You can automatically create a Task connected to any record in an Organizer, for example, a project, an employee, a property, or a company. Once you open the record, go to the Tasks tab and create a Task or click on the yellow Task icon in the top part of the record window.

Once you create the Task, it is automatically connected to the record, and you will always see it in the Task tab.

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Creating a Task connected to a specific detail

If you want to add a Task to a specific detail - for example, a date of closing a contract or a next service date, follow these steps:

  1. Open an item in the given Organizer
  2. Make sure that the tab ‘Details’ is opened
  3. Click on the grey (green, in case there are already existing Tasks) icon of the checkbox, which will open a new form for Task creation
  4. Fill in the form (see Task Creation)
  5. Save it by clicking’ Continue’
task detail

Where can you view a Task?

A Task that has already been created (in any way), you will always be able to see in the Tasks Overview available in ‘Tasks’ in the left menu. If you are the responsible person, you will see your Task in the yellow column; once you start working on the task and mark it as ‘Doing’, you will see it in the green, middle column.

If you are set as ‘Following’ the Task, you will see it in the orange column on the right side. In this case, someone else is responsible for completing the task, and you can watch the progress.

When someone comments on the Task or makes any other change, all users, who are connected to the Task, will get a notification to their Inbox in the system and their e-mail Inbox. The system sends notifications for every change in the Tasks (new comment, attachment, tag, change of the due date, etc.).

If the new Task is connected to the record or a detail, apart from being in ‘My Tasks’, it will also be shown by that item. After opening the item, open the tab ‘Tasks’.

The responsible person and the ‘Following’ will see the same screen. In this case, the responsible person will not see anything extra.

Users who have access to the Task (the responsible person and the ‘Following’) can comment, add attachments and tags, change the Task’s status, change the percentage of the Task completed, etc. One exception is the name of the task and the unique number that was automatically generated. Only the person who created the Task can change the task's description. 

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Creating the Task from Minutes

It is possible to directly create a new task from Minutes by clicking on the ‘+ New Task’ icon. You only have to input the Task's name, the responsible person, and the due date. You will be automatically set as 'Following’. After clicking on ‘Save’, the Task is created and will be connected to Minutes. You can work with it in the same way as you would with any other Task. 

tasks in meeting minutes