How to get started with Tasks

Last updated: 2023-01-31
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Tasks allow you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues

Tasks are the basis for communication among users. Creating a Task is as simple as writing an email; it also functions similarly. You type in the Subject, choose one person responsible for completing the task, and any number of people following. The task will only be visible to those employees you select. Only those can write comments; therefore, it is impossible to lose any information connected to the particular task. Once the task is completed and closed, the whole conversation stays for future reference. You can see all your tasks in the task overview that you can access from your left-hand side Menu.

How to use Tasks

Every user can create Tasks, and the users within the Task can add other users into the Task. Updates regarding a Task end up as notifications in your Notifications inbox. Nothing gets lost; it cannot end up in spam as it might in your e-mail inbox.

Each Task includes a discussion, and thanks to that, you will avoid the RE:RE:RE e-mails. Everything is attached to the specific Task. Once the task is finished, mark it as Done. The Task will keep all the history and the complete discussion. You do not have to search through your e-mails because everything is grouped in the system.

Creating a Task is as easy as sending an e-mail. There are more options of where and how to create a Task. You can create it without connecting it to any item; or you can create it from another Task, an event, or any item. If you want to know all the options and their advantages, take a look at one of the recommended articles below.

You can also use Task Packages to group tasks.

Create your first Task

The most common way to create a Task is to go to the "Tasks" tab. You will see three columns - To do (New), Doing, Done. On the right, there is a fourth column with Tasks where you are set as a follower. Above these columns, click the "+ New Task" button. Fill in:

  • The responsible person
  • Followers
  • Task description
  • Set due date

If you are set as the responsible person, the Task appears in the yellow column. If someone else is set as the responsible person, the Task appears in the orange column.

If you want to know more, take a look at the recommended articles below.

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