Get started

First steps in Aptien

You keep all your information in Organizers (e.g. Employees, Customers, Projects). more

Screen layout

The left side menu is one of the most important parts in Aptien, followed by your favorite Organizers where you keep ... more

Employee screen layout

How the employee workspace looks and works more

How to get started with Tasks

Tasks are the main component of communication between users and replace e-mails completely. more

How to get started with organizers

An Organizer represents an online binder where you store your information. more

How to customize Aptien as a user

Any user can customize their own Aptien to their liking. more

First steps of an employee

Guide to walk you through the first steps of employee more

How to switch to a different role

Roles are based on your job title, and different roles are usually allowed access to different data. more

How to start using Watchdogs for important dates

Setup your watchdog and don't miss any important thing you have to do. more