How to get started with left menu

Last updated: 2023-02-19
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In the left menu you will find everything essential for your work

There is both company-wide information and your personal information. Here you can get to your inbox, you can start the calendar, you can see an overview of your activities, tasks and you can also get to your workspace from it.

  • All messages and notifications come together in your inbox. In it you will find all messages from other users or notifications and other information sent to you by the system.
  • In tasks, you will see all the tasks that you are in charge of, as well as tasks where you are in the copy as a follower.
  • The bulletin board contains information intended for everyone in the company, i.e. as a replacement for e-mails sent to all employees. It works similarly to a very simple internal company Facebook.
  • In the employee overview, you can see your colleagues and their contacts.
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