Users and permissions in Aptien


How the access and permission system works

Access to information is based on your job title in the company and assigned role. more

User types

There are three different types of users in Aptien - user, administrator, and guest. more

Office user

Office user is a regular user who works with the full version of the system and have an access to all its features. more

Intranet user

Intranet user - one of the users licence type. more


A guest is a type of user that can access the information they were given access to. more


A user is a particular person that uses the system on a daily basis. more


An administrator sets up the entire system for other users. more

How to add a new guest

A guest is added similarly as you would add a normal user, except you share specific items, tasks, and other things w... more

How access to Tasks works

Only the responsible and following users can access the task because tasks are not public. more

How to change your password

You can change your password in your settings. more

How to reset a forgotten password

In case you have forgotten your login password, you can ask your administrator or use the Forgotten password button o... more