IT Management

First steps of IT manager

We guide you through the basics of managing and maintaining your IT assets and other operational information. more

What does IT manager do?

IT manager is responsible for IT management in the company. It means setting IT strategy as well as managing and main... more

How to create custom IT requests

The requests serve to simplify and streamline communication between users (employees) and IT. more

How to use IT service catalog

The IT Service Catalogue describes all the IT services that the IT department provides to the rest of the organization. more

How to manage IT services in your company

IT service management in a company is based on good information about IT assets, IT service catalogue and requirement... more

How to build an IT Service Catalog, step-by-step

Step-by-step guide on how to create a catalog of IT services, how to describe service parameters. more

IT manager

IT Manager is one of the basic roles in the Aptien system. more

How to use the Software Organizer

This organizer is intended to keep records of any software and applications in your company. more