How can supervisor manage own team

Last updated: 2023-11-16
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A manager needs to have an overview of their people in order to manage their work and personal development. For new employees, they need to have an overview of the status of their entry and the entire adaptation process. The direct supervisor is closest to their people and manages them on a day-to-day and long-term level. In Aptien, you can set up a hierarchy of users (people) in your organization, regardless of the organizational structure. Thanks to this, the system recognizes the manager and automatically adapts the displayed information and directs the requests. So the manager sees

  • information about people on your team
  • approves requests that are directed to a superior
  • tasks of people in your team (in preparation)
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Approving requests from subordinates

One of the options for requisitions is to direct them to a superior worker, who will be automatically completed by the system

  • The manager approves the requests of their subordinates
  • The system automatically selects a direct supervisor (manager) if it is set in the requisition

Overview of the tasks of subordinate staff


  • The manager has an overview of the tasks of the people in their team
  • Within the team, they select the employee whose tasks they want to see 

Managing the development of subordinate employees

The manager (superior worker) sees their team in the system. They then see information from their personal folder for each of their direct subordinates and can communicate with them more easily. Especially:

  • plan and manage activities during the onboarding process of adaptation of a new employee
  • plan and manage the employee's personal development, see their training plans and personal development plans