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Last updated: 2023-11-23
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Who is the direct supervisor?

A supervisor is any manager or team leader who directly manages any team or group of people. Every manager in the organizational structure is a direct superior of people below him. The hierarchy tree of managers then forms the organizational structure. In practice, one manager is able effectively manage 5-20 people, usually it is the workgroup, work team, department, branch, section or any other organizational unit. 

A supervisor is any manager at any management level who has subordinates. 

Who is direct supervisor manager

Supervisors responsibilities

  • Managing work, tasks & workflow
  • Organizing work of the team / subordinates 
  • Evaluating performance of the staff / subordinates 
  • Identifying staff development needs 
  • Training new hires
  • Reporting to senior management & HR
  • Helping to resolve employee issues and disputes

What you can do as a supervisor at Aptien

If you are set up in the organizational structure as the direct superior of the team of people, then you can:

  • Approve their requests
  • See the overview of the tasks of your people (we are preparing)
  • See his personal file, personal information, onboarding, adaptation, training or other development plans
  • Issued work equipment, tools and completed training and other information

How do you set a superior manager?

  • A superior manager can only see and manage his first line subordinates
  • A superior manager can not manage next levels deep down
  • The direct superior is set in the organizational settings