Meaning of OKR: Objectives and Key Result

Last updated: 2024-01-17
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What is the meaning of OKR?

OKR is the abbreviation for Objectives and Key Results. It is a methodology for setting and achieving strategic goals, introduced by the American entrepreneur of Hungarian origin, Andy Grove.

  • OKR is a tool how to improve productivity and strategic management
  • OKR helps to set strategic goals and prioritize tasks with them in mind
  • Goals motivate and provide an umbrella for all team efforts
  • If all team members know where they heading, contribute to the achievement of goals and do not waste energy on unimportant tasks
  • Thanks to OKR, each employee knows well what the strategic direction of the company is, what is expected of him and how he stands in the fulfillment of goals
  • OKR will make it possible to better communicate company and team goals across the company
  • OKR is one of the useful methods of organizing work and work priorities and is a useful part of the company's strategic and operational management

How Aptien OKR software helps you?

As work management software Aptien helps to set goals across the company and align them with tasks of all responsible managers and other team members. Aptien OKR put the entire methodology into practice, in front of everyone in the company. Specifically

  • Setting and managing strategic goals
  • Team management and task coordination
  • Employees see their personal goals in self-service
  • Prioritization and evaluation of objectives
  • Align all dependencies and priorities across teams
  • Create initiatives
  • Work on individual tasks (initiatives) that aim to influence measurable key results