Task dashboard

Last updated: 2022-11-09
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Overview of tasks in the form of kanban cards

On this page you will find all the tasks that apply to you as a user, these are divided into four columns:

  • To do (yellow) - here you can find all the tasks you haven't started working on yet
  • Doing (green) - drag and drop here to move tasks you are currently working on
  • Done (grey) - when you have completed a task, drag and drop to move the task to this column
  • I'm following (orange) - here you will find tasks in which you are added as a watcher, meaning that you are supervising or participating in the task

Only one person can be responsible for a task 

Only one person must always be marked as responsible for each task. Supervisors are anybody else, i.e., everyone who is involved in or informed about the task. Only these Aptien users will see the task. It will remain hidden to everyone else and will not disturb them.