Last updated: 2022-10-05
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Tasks help you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues

Tasks are the base of communication among users. Creating a Task is very straightforward. It works similarly to writing an email. You need to fill in the Subject, pick one person responsible for completing the Task, add any number of people following, and send the Task. Tasks are visible only to those included in them; the one responsible person and others watching. Each of those employees can write comments; therefore, the whole conversation connected to the Task will always be in one place, with no possibility of losing any information. When the task is finished, it is closed with the discussion.


Where do you find all the Tasks?  

You can see all your tasks in the task overview on the kanban board, which can be accessed via the left side menu by clicking on "Tasks". 

  • You can always see the tasks you are responsible for on the three kanban cards. New tasks are in the yellow column. In the green you have the tasks you are working on. In the grey one you see the completed tasks.
  • If you are in a task as a follower, you will see the tasks in the orange column on the right. Someone else is in charge of these tasks and you are just a follower. 

Only those involved in the task have access to it. That is, the person responsible and the person following the task. Everyone can post comments, add attachments and tags, change the status of the task, change the completion percentage, and more, except for the task name and the unique auto-assigned number (in the upper left corner). Only the user who created the task can change the description.

As soon as someone comments on a task, changes the status, or makes any other change to the task, all users who are on the task will receive a notification in their Inbox and also an email notification. The system sends notifications of any changes to tasks (new comment, attachment, tag, due date change, etc.). Without exception, the person responsible for the task and all followers will see the same. The person responsible will not see anything extra.

Tasks overview