How can a supplier upload an attachment into a folder

Last updated: 2022-03-02
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How a supplier uploads a file or attachment to a folder

First, the application administrator needs to create an attachment folder in the Projects organizer and allow it to be displayed to guests. How to create a folder for a supplier can be found in a previous article (link below). Suppliers can only include attachments that they have uploaded and thus cannot sort your uploaded attachments.

Supplier uploads a new attachment

  1. The supplier first adds the file or attachment to the extranet under the "Attachments" tab
  2. Then, after uploading, they click on the three dots in the attachment line
  3. Selects the "Attachment Settings" option from the menu
  4. From the drop-down list, he selects the folder where he wants to upload the attachment
  5. Confirms with the "Save" button

Above the documents, the supplier will then see the name of the folder where the attachments are located.

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