How to collaborate in a project

Last updated: 2022-11-30
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Working on projects is all about teamwork, sharing information and managing the work on individual tasks and project activities. Teamwork simply cannot be managed without the help of tools like Aptien. Here you have the opportunity to share projects with others regardless of whether they are part of your internal team or are your contractors. Simply share projects with others.  

How to start working on a project

Start by creating the project you want to work on. Either you have permission to do this, or you need to ask your administrator to create the project and give you permission to do it.  Before you invite colleagues to the project, make sure it is well named and established. 

How to share a project with colleagues in the company

By default, all projects and their underlying project information are shared across the company, only the work on them and the tasks are private - in other words, only the participants of the tasks can access the tasks on the project, as well as other tasks. This ensures basic security. If you need to separate projects in a form, and set them up so others can't see them, ask your administrator to do so. 

How to share a project with suppliers and contractors 

Use the extranet to share the project with your suppliers or other external staff who are not part of your internal team. Create a project share page to share essential information, documents and tasks with them. 

Discuss the tasks with others in the comments

All work management is done through tasks. In them, you have the opportunity for a collaborative discussion that is clear, straightforward and doesn't get muddled up like a cluttered email. If you need to add or discuss something to a task, everything is done in this discussion, which is part of the task, so you can see everything in one place and no comments are lost. So as soon as anything needs to be discussed, just post a comment.

Share key project documentation

With comments, you can address tasks and work management, and with a shared document repository you can share other project documentation such as project plans, photos, documentation, and more. 

Project management requires regularity

Build in regularity by conducting weekly, fortnightly or monthly reviews depending on the project. The status of tasks makes it easy for any project manager to see their status, reducing the need for reports and summaries because the status of the work is visible. To make sure work is progressing well, track work in progress tasks regularly. 

  • Each task can have only one responsible person and multiple followers
  • Make sure that each task is scheduled correctly in time, that it has a deadline
  • See tasks that have been completed accordingly as "completed" for your project 
  • If you have divided the work into tasks well, you can track the progress of the project and managing it will not be a problem