Last updated: 2024-05-03
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Expand Your Horizons: Collaborate Securely with Suppliers and Partners

An extranet is a controlled private network that allows access to partners, vendors, suppliers, or an authorized set of customers. It is a secure and limited environment for sharing information within one system. 

    • Extranet is a space for collaboration with suppliers and external workers
    • Extranet users typically include suppliers, service technicians, business partners, and contractors.
    • The extranet page is secure, ensuring that guests only see the information you authorize.
    • This secure platform allows you to share information with external parties without the need for email communication.
    • Additionally, you have the flexibility to create multiple extranet pages as needed
    • You can create also a separate page for each item in Aptien.

    What you can use the extranet for

    It is a team space dedicated only to a specific team that collaborates on a specific item. i.e. for example:

    • a team space for a specific project or contract where you share information with project contractors, manage tasks, and create project notes
    • a maintenance management area with a service technician for a specific piece of equipment, machine, or device

    The advantage of an extranet is that you can share information securely and don't have to email it anywhere. 

    What the extranet page looks like

    The extranet page as the guest sees it. On the left menu you can find a Notification overview, My task overview, planned activities, and the list of items you can access. In the middle of the screen is detailed information for each item.

    What the extranet page looks like

    Who has access to extranet page?

    For each page, you define separately the team that can see and work with it. The employees of your external partners will be the users of each extranet page. They will be given access as guests to a specific extranet page where you can collaborate with them. This means that you can share selected information or documents with them and manage their work through tasks. The extranet is secure so that guests do not get anywhere else in your corporate environment, they only see the information that you make available to them. You can imagine that a guest is only given the keys to the hallway and is not allowed to enter any further.  

    How to activate and set up extranet

    If you need to use extranet, it's easy. The actual enabling of the extranet needs to be done by the system administrator so that it is under the control of the company. Individual guests (partner employees) can already be invited by your users. For example, the project manager can invite team members this way. You can learn how to set up an extranet here.