Extranet layout

Last updated: 2022-08-09
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To open an item, click on it in the "My Items" list. On each item page, you will find information about the item. You can move between the tabs on the item by clicking on them.


On the dashboard, you will find all notifications related to the item. You can open the alerts directly from the bulletin board and see what is happening in a task, for example.


In the tasks tab, you will find user-created tasks, for example, tasks related to vehicle maintenance. In these tasks, you are set as the responsible person and can change the completion or status. 


In the requests tab, you will find all requests (tasks) that you have created or are part of. If you adding requests option is enabled, you can click on "Create new request", fill in the name and description of the request, and click on "Create" to create it. Click to open any request. 


In the attachments tab, you will find all files. Click to open them. If you have adding files option enabled, you can click on "Add New File" and upload any attachment. When you click on the three dots next to the file, a menu will open where you can download or delete the file. 


The notes tab is where you will find all your notes. If you have enabled note creation, you can create a note by clicking on the "Create New Note" button, filling in the title and content, and clicking on "Create" to file it. Click to open the note. To delete a note, click on the "Delete" button. 

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Left menu

On the left-hand side, you will find an overview and a list of the items you can access. Clicking on "Overview" or the Aptien logo above it will take you to the main extranet page. Clicking on one of the items will open its tab.
left menu extranetu


In the top bar, you will find the extranet search. You have to type at least three characters to get a result. After typing the search term, just press Enter. You can view the search results in the overview of all results or in the individual tabs - "Items", "Attachments", "Requests" or "Notes", which you can open by clicking on the tab. You can view anything directly after the search by clicking on it.