First steps of project manager

Last updated: 2021-07-03

How to manage and coordinate projects

Welcome to Aptien. We will guide you through the basics of project management. You will learn what is possible in the system and what is not, where it will help you, what it will facilitate and where its limits are. 

Above all, Aptien will help you in project team collaboration and coordination of project activities, tasks, minutes and documentation. It will help you to manage tasks, assign, coordinate and control work on them, create project meeting minutes or share basic project documents. It's not a system where you can plan a project, create a gantt chart or plan the associated financial flows. However, Aptien is great for managing and collaborating project teams, coordinating project tasks and activities, recording project team meeting minutes, or sharing basic project documents such as plans, project documents, or any other project documents. You can record contracts with customers or subcontractors, or even manage the work of subcontractors.