What does a project manager do?

Last updated: 2024-03-12

Project Manager is responsible for the complete planning and implementation of the project. That is, for good planning and subsequent organization, management and control of the project implementation in order to achieve the set project objectives within the set timeframe and budget of the project.

Job description of a project manager

  • creates the project plan, schedule, quality plan and work breakdown structure on the project
  • organising project meetings 
  • organising and coordinating project activities
  • coordinates project tasks 
  • encourages project collaboration
  • monitors the status of the project and corrects the plan
  • manages the project team
  • communicates project outputs and results to project customer
  • identifies potential project problems and tries to solve them in advance
  • coordinates project deliverables, schedule and costs
  • manages the project budget
  • takes and createch project meeting minutes