How to manage customer order delivery

Last updated: 2023-08-30

Order management from request to delivery

With Aptien, you can keep basic information about your jobs, keep track of deadlines, or manage and coordinate all work on jobs using tasks. Aptien is primarily intended for such orders where it is necessary to manage and coordinate the work of people and to have the order documentation in one place.

It is therefore suitable for jobs that are intensive in work, teamwork and communication and documentation. This is typically the supply of professional services in the field of IT, engineering, marketing, but also one-off piece production or construction.

The biggest benefits of order management in Aptien are:

  • Team communication and work management using tasks
  • Automatic monitoring of various dates on the order
  • Sharing documentation across the team
  • Automatically generated handover protocols or other documents to pdf
  • Cooperation with suppliers

What order management in Aptien allows you to do

Aptien order management includes all activities from the receipt of a new order from a customer. You keep what you need for each job and manage your work on it using tasks. For deadlines and tasks, you continuously monitor their fulfillment, and thanks to the clear status display, you can easily get an overview of all orders.

You keep the order documentation in attachments in one place so that it is accessible to all people involved in the order. You keep minutes of meetings or notes from activities, both your internal and meetings with customers or suppliers, directly for each order. In the team tab, you have an overview of all the people working on the order. You can monitor the key dates on the order with the help of watchdogs.

Accepting a new order

It is important to have all the information together and under control from the first moment. Otherwise, everything will start and you will be constantly looking for the same information in different places. Entering everything into Aptien from the start will save you a lot of time later.

  • Easy creation of a new order
  • Saving the request and entering basic information about the customer
  • Attaching the procurement documentation or request in the form of attachments

Management of information important to the implementation of the order

The initial information from the request may remain the only valid information throughout the contract. In practice, however, there are many orders that involve intensive communication throughout their entire course, either between your people or between you and the customer. All information, including contact details for all parties involved, will be conveniently provided for each individual order.

  • Contacts for people working on the order
  • Additional information on the progress of the contract
  • Custom documentation and its sharing across the team

Keeping an overview of all orders in the company

All orders at all stages will be conveniently available in one place.

  • Keeping an overview of all orders and their status

Management of all activities and records related to the contract

The records of what was agreed with the client or in the meetings of the implementation team is as important as the subsequent management of the work. You will especially appreciate records of all meetings, emails or phone calls in retrospect when you want to see what you agreed on. Tasks and management of contract work

  • Keeping records and all activities related to the order
  • Creating tasks directly from the notes

Work order management

Communication between the people involved in the job is key and can cause communication or email hell. Misunderstandings or other information noise then lead to unnecessary costs or client dissatisfaction. Aptien allows you to manage work using tasks or, for example, to keep notes. You will appreciate all this with the growing number of people involved in the job or with the time interval when this and that was done on the job.Tasks and management of contract work

  • Keeping records and all activities related to the order
  • Monitoring contract deadlines
  • Managing contract suppliers and sharing documents with them
  • Delivery of the result of the order to the client

    Handing over the results of your laundry, whether it is a product or another result of your work, usually requires some form of handover, which you confirm with the customer and then attach to the invoice. Aptien allows you to automatically populate such a log from stored data. This will save you a lot of work, because you won't have to do it somewhere "in Word".

    Management of subcontractors on your order

    If there are other subcontractors involved in the fulfillment of the order that you need to manage, you will use the extranet for this.

    • You manage the work of your subcontractors using an extranet
    • You can share information documentation with them
    • You can manage your subcontractors using tasks