Employee self-service - About me

Last updated: 2022-03-02

Personal information in one place

With the "About Me" page, every employee can see their personal information in one place. Each person sees only their personal information. 

Updating personal data

People in the company not only see their personal information but can also update selected personal information. What information you allow employees to update depends on your company's approach. The extent of information you allow employees to update is up to you. Settings can easily be made by an administrator. This makes it easier for your company to communicate with your employees and for them to communicate with your company. Thus, the site acts as a self-service that makes communication between the company and the employees easier and more convenient. 

Reporting changes to personal data

Every change that a person makes to his/her personal data is automatically sent to HR (the set responsible person) for approval or acknowledgment. This provides a simple way for employees to update their personal information without emailing the information or reporting changes to their personal information in any other complicated way. 

The company (administrator) sets in the authorization what information people can and cannot change. 

What can be edited and set

  • What a person can see about themselves
  • What information can be modified (the modification is sent for their attention)
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