Colleagues - employee directory

Last updated: 2021-10-26
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Find all your colleagues in the employee directory

Thanks to the employee directory, that you can find in the left main menu in the "Colleagues" tab, you can see the overview of all the people in the company and find their contact information quickly.

You can see basic information about each colleague like their first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, and job position. Every colleague has their own card. If they add a profile picture, you can also see what they look like.

You can search through colleagues and find the contact details you need quickly.

The Employee directory helps with internal communication, which keeps it informal and improves information distribution within your company.

Additional information about your colleagues

You can access additional information by clicking on the employee's card. The available information is based on the company. The administrator can change the available information. The company determines what information is available to others. The typical set up is to make available the kind of information that allows easier orientation within a team and make communication simple

The most common information being shared:

  • Workplace of the employee
  • Office number
  • Additional phone number
  • Organizational unit