How to use Employee Organizer

Last updated: 2021-07-12
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Employees are the base of your HR

This Organizer is accessible by HR Managers and the company's leadership. It is not accessible by other users because it contains personal details. Everyone else sees their colleagues in the "Colleagues" tab and the chat bar on the right.

HR Professionals use this Organizer for every information about employees. Each employee has their own personal card where you record all the information - personal information, contact details, equipment, compensation, education and qualification, identification, or health limitations. The Organizer also includes information about the onboarding, their life in the company, and offboarding. The job description or job position is also a part of this Organizer:

  • Employee's contact details
  • Personal information including the home address, insurance company, and other information required by accountants like a health insurance company or bank account number
  • Job description information and job position
  • Employee's assigned equipment
  • Compensation information and contract information, you can connect the employment contract with the employee
  • Qualification and education information
  • Health condition information, medical exams, and work limitations
  • Identification information
  • Medical exam records
  • Other personal documents