How to track employee training and certifications

Last updated: 2022-03-02
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In any organization, it is very important to keep track of training, licenses and certifications. This is an ongoing process that can be difficult to manage. If you have employee qualification requirements in your company, then you as an office manager or as an HR manager need to monitor and manage the qualifications of each employee so that they are always valid and renewed in a timely manner. Missed deadlines on qualifications can lead to financial penalties, fines or other losses. Qualifications not renewed on time are a problem.

Tracking and monitoring deadlines is a full-time job

In many large organizations, this is a full-time task that requires at least one full-time employee. In smaller organizations, it is one of many tasks that the office manager, department head, or CEO must add to their to-do list. 

Staff licensing and certification

Employee licensing and certification are important for many reasons.  Equipment licenses, (such as driver's licenses) all can have a direct impact on a company's ability to complete a project or on the ability of employees to perform their jobs.  In many cases, a license or certification is a requirement to bid on a job or meet government requirements. Workplace safety is enhanced when employees are trained to handle emergency situations.

Tracking employee licenses also has an economic impact if the company provides training or pays fees to maintain employee certifications.  Reporting becomes important not only to determine who currently holds a particular license or certification, but who is up for renewal? 

How a software can help

  • Record certifications, licenses and training with renewal dates.
  • Keeping scanned images of documents when necessary.
  • Assigning specific certifications or licenses to specific job positions and reporting when employees are hired or transferred to that position.
  • Notifying employees, administrators and supervisors of upcoming renewals.
  • Reporting on the number and status of certified employees.

Allowing correlation between licenses or certifications and work. In other words, whether an employee has used a license or certification in the course of their work based on payroll records.  Was maintaining certification justified from the employer's perspective?

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