What does the HR module offer

Last updated: 2023-04-27
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What can you do in HR?

Aptien helps you to maintain HR information securely and in the long term, but it also helps you to communicate within the company with individual employees and them with you. As an HR manager or the person responsible for HR, you will mainly work with personnel records. This is where you as the HR person and the top management of the company have access. Because they contain sensitive information, other employees do not have access here. These three records are the basis of HR work:

  • Employees - this is where all information about employees and employment contracts is kept
  • Candidates - a summary of information and communications from job applicants to your company
  • Training dates - records of specific training sessions that take place within the company or that you book for your employees. These are the training sessions that your people are attending and you will have an overview of their attendance