What is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Last updated: 2024-03-19
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Personal protective equipment (PPErefers to equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that could cause serious workplace injuries or illnesses.  Well-equipped workforce is a safer workforce.

what is PPE Personal protective equipment

Basic types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Here is a basic breakdown and types of protective equipment and their examples.

Head protection

  • Helmets, hard hats
  • Caps, hoods
  • Hair nets against the risk of entrapment
  • Shields, masks

Hearing protection

  • Headphones
  • Earplugs

Eye and face protection

  • Protection glasses, safety goggles
  • Face shields

Respiratory protection

  • Filtration respirators 
  • Breathing equipment
  • Diving equipment

Hand and arm protection

  • Gloves
  • Protection of individual fingers

Foot protection 

  • Footwear

Body protection

  • Knee pads
  • Pants against mechanical, thermal and chemical risks and biological agents
  • Various accessories (e.g. spikes)

Skin protection

  • Protective creams

Body protection and other skin protection

  • Climbing equipment (harnesses, fall arresters, rescue harnesses, etc.)
  • Full body protection (ie suits and coveralls)
  • Life jackets against drowning
  • Visual signaling

How Aptien helps to manage PPE

Aptien helps to keep your PPE

Issuance of protective equipment

  • Employers supply PPE to their workers to ensure their safety and compliance with OSHA standards
  • You issue personal protective equipment digitally
  • You also have the option to print a paper form and issue personal protective equipment "paper way"
issuing ppe to the employee worker