How to use the Protective Equipment Organizer

Last updated: 2023-11-07

An overview of the protective equipment in your company

This organizer is intended to keep a record of personal protective equipment and devices. Here you keep a central organizer of them in your company, and for each type of work equipment, you keep all practical information. You will also have an overview of to whom each piece of PPE is issued.

Company-wide PPE information management

  • Management of the type, size, or characteristics of the working aid
  • Monitoring the legal deadlines for protective equipment and devices
  • Overview of work equipment provided to individual employees (issued and returned)
  • Monitoring the expiration date of PPE
  • Maintaining supplier information, purchase documents, and warranties
  • For training on how to use the tool, use the training catalog

Tips for keeping PPE Organizer

  • you keep records of the types of work equipment (e.g. leather gloves)
  • we recommend including information about the size in the name (e.g. Leather Gloves L, Leather Gloves XL)
  • you will have a good basis for planning the purchase of each size
Personal protective equipment organizer

Overview of issued working aids

  • On the Assigned tab you can see an overview of issued PPE
  • For each issue, you have information on to whom, what quantity when it expires when a new issue will be needed
  • If you want to issue PPE digitally to your employees, see here
  • You can see how much PPE you currently have in circulation and therefore how much you need to buy